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 The Facts of Self-Animating Networks in Nature and a New, Realistic Role for the Mythic Imagination

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Engaging the Implications of a New Mythical Science

     The unexpected correlations between the symbolic expressions of mythical imagination and the recent science of complex systems and networks have far reaching implications. These extend to many areas of interest, from the creative and aesthetic dynamics of the arts to issues  in social relations, education, psychology, philosophy, politics, technology, and spirituality. The confrontation of our ordinary perspectives with the hidden realities of complexity and network autonomy is necessarily inconceivable to those perspectives--that is why it requires imagination.

      Because we are a scientifically secular society, only the conjunction of science and the imagination can enable us to experience complex dynamical phenomena. That is why I have composed this method of Scientific Mythology. But it is not a matter of "belief." I emphasize how the mathematics of the science and the symbols of myth are not the ultimately ineffable phenomena these represent. They are a means of gaining dynamical intelligence. To become realistic we must learn to perceive intentional agency arising not only from brains but from invisible self-organizing criticality in systems that have no brains.

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      Like this website, my presentations include many visuals and examples of mythical stories. The workshops combine these with various exercises engaged by participants. These are designed to provoke direct experience of the emergent dynamics of complexity and how such experience can be meaningfully enhanced through symbolic practices. A primary goal of the presentations and workshops is to enable people to interact with the complex networks in the world around them. This is achieved by engaging specific concerns of participants through the perspectives of the new mythical science. It is essential to locate the relevant ideas and practices within one's lived experience. That focus allows scientific mythologizing to elaborate hidden aspects of reality in tangible yet emotionally compelling ways.

     There are two paths of approach to generating network vision.
From science to symbolism:

1. Begin with a science-based analysis, by constellating the network of a particular subject or context, then proceed through archetypal and psychological interpretation toward symbolic elaboration.

From symbolism to science:

2. Begin with a symbolic expression, such as a story, dream, or work of art, then proceed through archetypal and symbolic interpretation toward an abstract network analysis.
     The choice between these depends on the interests of an audience. Beginning with the symbolism emphasizes intuitive perception of complexity and network dynamics through aesthetic experience.

       I am available for general introductory presentations on this work as well as workshops focused on specific topics of concern. These can be tailored to most any subject and context. When focusing of specific issues, the goals are to reveal hidden dynamics and network intentionality that will change one's practical approach to the subject.

Please contact me with any questions you have.

Leslie Emery, PhD
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