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 The Facts of Self-Animating Networks in Nature and a New, Realistic Role for the Mythic Imagination

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Coming to Terms with a Mythical Science
     The concepts explored on this website concern a profound deficit in our cultural view of reality. The new science summarized here poses a philosophical understanding of "how the world actually works" very different from that of contemporary society. Though it is presented here in relation to the seemingly arcane subject of mythology, it has similar correlations with other subjects and ways of knowing. This website is but one example of how this new science can be incorporated into a broader cultural discourse. Most importantly, scientists at the forefront of this new understanding are admitting its dramatic reversal of our mechanistic belief system (as you will see on the References Page of this site). The spell cast by reductive simplification over modernity has been fragmenting for decades. But now, the critiques of it arising in non-scientific disciplines have a firm empirical basis. It is time to come to terms with the bi-dynamical order creation of complexity and its generation of autonomously willful networks.

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     The origins of this present work stretch back 40 years to my initial interests in literature and art as valid representations of reality. That led to studies of mythology and ritual practices in relation to depth psychology. During my dissertation work I unexpectedly found connections between the mythological worldview and a similarly strange one emerging from scientific research on deterministic chaos and self-organizing complexity in natural systems. In the intervening years, my efforts to elaborate these connections have been facilitated by on-going developments in the science. With that ever-expanding empirical basis, the concepts and practices of a Scientific Mythology have at last taken shape. This confluence of mythic symbolism and science make it possible to promote both modes of knowing in complimentary ways. The implications of such an unexpected conjunction are staggering. They extend to all knowledge fields and how we teach them. Coming to terms with this new mythical science has the potential to prompt radical changes in our contemporary cultural worldview--changes that are essential to creating sustainable societies, and thus to our very survival.

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   I am available for lecture presentations and workshops on this material, as well as consultations with those who wish to incorporate this methodology in their own teaching or social activism. I am actively seeking collaborators in this work, particularly those with backgrounds in the relevant science and those addressing the consequences of catastrophic climate change. Please feel invited to contact me with feedback or requests for appearances. Materials on this website are available for use by request only.

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